Support our G6PD Deficiency Awareness Campaign


Our Sponsorship Synergy:

  • William E Harris Family Fund at the Cleveland Foundation
  • Dorel Juvenile Group

  • Moakley Center for Public Management, Suffolk University

  • Plesser’s Appliances main sponsor for our first event 8/19
  • Many thanks and hugs to all our friends that made a donation (2015 – 2020) and the support of Darren Harris’ Tough Mudder Fundraisers for g6pdDF.

Thank you…

Elizabeth Bostic, for bestowing the Foundation with an education grant that is ear marked towards the CME on G6PD Deficiency and newborns.

Michael Silverberg, D.Phil. for providing us with a wealth of information of G6PD deficiency. He allowed us to focus on what is known and what needs to be researched further for accurate, unbiased information.

Dale Baker for being the engine that kick-started this Foundation. Without his support, knowledge, patience, the formation of this non-for-profit would have never evolved.

Dawn Daisley Designs for our introductory exposure and logo.