G6PD deficiency is the most common genetic enzyme deficiency in the world. Most at risk are the most vulnerable — infants in their first week or two of life. Most of the time those who are G6PD deficient suffer no apparent harm. but for some the effects are devastating. Help us spread the word about this condition, and avoid needless suffering and distress.
g6pd Deficiency

Fast Facts

Get educated on the basics of this enzyme deficiency, the populations it affects, as well as the statistics behind it all.
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Screening for g6pd Deficiency


What methods are available, who should be screened, and what are the challenges with each of the available options for screening.
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G6PD Deficiency and COVID-19 Medical Research Review


If you have G6PD deficiency, here are some important tips to stay healthy during the pandemic.
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Brody’s Battle

Brody’s Battle happened in the first ten days of his life and nearly ended it, leaving him with terrible brain damage caused by a condition called Kernicterus. Our foundation was started to spare other newborns such life threatening events by raising awareness of how undiagnosed G6PD deficiency can cause Jaundice. A Kernicterus event can occur if neonatal Jaundice is not properly managed.

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Knowledge Affects Lives.

Calling all those who are diagnosed G6PD deficient! We established a 15-minute survey for you. Your input will help us have a better understanding of those who are living with this enzyme disorder. The importance of this survey is to seek validation to healthier ways of living having G6PDd. It creates an unbiased compass that will help direct the Foundation to its next topic of research!

Time for change!

The Foundation wants to provide the most up to date information on G6PDd and needs your support. You can help our growing G6PD Deficiency Awareness Campaign by giving a donation today. Thank you!