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G6PD Research

We at the G6PD Deficiency Foundation understand the importance of discovering and developing new forms of detection, prevention and treatments for G6PD deficient individuals. It is for this very reason that we take an integrative approach in pioneering projects and programs aimed at improving basic understanding of disease, and improving overall care for patients worldwide. We aim to collaborate with experts in many fields including internal medicine, academia, and community based hospitals to bring brilliant minds together to deliver the best possible care.

What is clinical research?

Clinical research is a patient-driven area of research aimed at improving management and outcomes for diseases. This field of study is necessary in order to progress medicine to the next stage.

Please refer to the National Institutes of Health website for more information on clinical research.

For Participants:

Get involved in a study that will help health professionals improve care for thousands of patients. Click here for more information on participating in a clinical trial. If you or anyone you know would like to participate in one of our ongoing clinical trials or you’d simply like to know more, please email or call us.

Brody's Battle

Brody’s Battle happened in the first ten days of his life and nearly ended it, leaving him with terrible brain damage caused by a condition called Kernicterus. Our foundation was started to spare other newborns such life-threatening events by raising awareness of how undiagnosed G6PD deficiency can cause Jaundice. A Kernicterus event can occur if neonatal Jaundice is not properly managed.

This story does not have to happen to another family...