g6pd Deficiency Foundation Mission

It’s time everyone learns about this inherited enzyme deficiency!

Phase 1

g6pd Deficiency Foundation, Inc.’s purpose is to provide effective and enriching seminars and literature that inform the public about G6PD deficiency. Through implementation of educational seminars to the general public and medical community, we hope to encourage G6PD deficient individuals to live a healthy life.

Phase 2

g6pd Deficiency Foundation, Inc. is also established to provide financial contributions to indigent families to assist them with covering expenses related to their G6PD deficiency health care. Through our financial giving program, we hope to encourage community members to become healthy and productive citizens of our community.

Currently (8/2016) we are diligently working on phase one of our mission. We are obtaining the most current valid information on G6PD deficiency to be viewed on our website. Soon workshops/seminars will be available.

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